Planisware 製品デモ: V6.2の導入


Planisware 製品デモ: V6.2の導入
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Example Planisware V6.2 features demonstrated:

In this demonstration, Director of Client Solutions at Planisware, Mark Miller, showcases the recently enhanced, more mobile-friendly user interface in Planisware V6.2. Functionalities demonstrated (with time stamps) include:

  • Workbox (0:52, 15:22) - Your personalized view of action items and important notifications 
  • Annual financial report (2:50) - Example summary report built through Planisware Explorer, our built-in business intelligence module
  • Project status overview report (4:55) - Example project-level summary report, built through Planisware Explorer 
  • Project gate deliverables view (4:57) - Collection of deliverable documents by organizational swim lanes
  • Dynamic integration and collaboration with Microsoft Word (7:30) - Example market assessment Word document with dynamically integrated Planisware metadata. Annotations that foster collaboration through notification workflows 
  • Hyper-documentation (11:10) - Support for attributes and actions, like searching for a market testing and validation document
  • Agile dashboard (16:05) - View the project sprint retrospective 
  • Sprint board (18:57) - Assign the requirements to address for the next sprint in a Kanban-style view
  • New scorecard template creation from Microsoft Excel (21:27) - Implement a new risk assessment scorecard using Planisware Activetab; pull in an Excel scorecard model on the fly and map it to the corporate data model within Planisware
  • Project scorecard (26:42) - Enter data into your new scorecard template using the formulas originally driven from Excel 
  • Dynamic queries(27:28) - Create new insights as you think of them

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